Vikings Fans Who are Uber Drivers Have a Surprise for Eagles Fans During Super Bowl Week

After losing the NFC Championship game, that would have had the Vikings playing a home Super Bowl, many of their fans residing in Philadelphia claim Eagles fans made life hell for them per Jorge Alonso. Some Vikings fan also said that Eagles fans are what’s going to keep him from going to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis in two weeks.

Here’s what the Vikings fans described seeing:

Vikings hats being stolen, put into urinals and urinated on;
An Eagles fan pushing a Vikings fan to the ground and punching him in the face;

“Random acts of violence.”

TV station KARE 11 out of Minneapolis also interviewed a few fans who vaguely spoke of Eagles fans being “bad.” This quote, though, is a little perplexing.

“It’s a damper on everything, yes. Not interested in going to the Super Bowl anymore.”

Now Eagles fans living in Minnesota can brace themselves for revenge as Vikings fans plan to sign up as Uber drivers and purposely drive them the wrong way and drop them off at the wrong places on Super Bowl Sunday.

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