WWE Enzo Amore on IG Blames Ankle Injury On LeBron’s New Sneakers (Video)

Enzo Amore is blaming LeBron for an injury he suffered on RAW. Well, not LeBron specifically but his shoes.

It’s no secret the greater part of what happens in the WWE Universe is scripted but that doesn’t stop the athletes from getting injured. On Monday’s edition of RAW, Enzo Amore and Cedric Alexander’s high flying title fight ended with Amore outside of the ring bloody and grabbing his ankle in pain.

After picking up a few stitches for his trouble, Amore took to Instagram to blame the new LeBron sneakers for his ankle injury and says he’s going back to Jumpman brand.

Who knew Jumpman sneakers were the premier brand for pro-wrestling?

To see Amore’s full post plus Cedric Alexander’s high flying moves that left Enzo Amore bloody and battered on Monday Night RAW, flip the page.