49ers Give ‪Jimmy Garoppolo Two Years to Prove His a Franchise Quarterback; Can Cut Him in 2020 & Be Free and Clear; Breakdown of His Contract Shows Real Guarantees

NFL contracts aren’t what they seem.

49ers announced that they signed Jimmy Garopplo to a 5-Year $137.5 million deal, but they put in protections that if for whatever reason he flames out they can cut him in 2020 without penalty.

ESPN Adam Schefter breaks it all down.

‪Jimmy Garoppolo deal:‬

‪Signing bonus: $7 million.‬
‪Guaranteed roster bonus: $28M‬
‪2018 base salary: $6.2M (gtd)‬
‪Workout bonus: $600K‬
‪Per-game roster bonus: $800K‬

‪Year 1 total: $42.6M‬
$74.1M injury guarantee already kicked in.‬

‪2019 bass salary: $17.2M, $7.5M of which is guaranteed at signing.‬
2019: Workout bonus: $600K‬
‪Per-game roster bonus: $800K‬

‪For 2019, will make $18.6M for a 2-year total of $61.2M – $10M more than he would have received if he had been franchised two straight times.‬

‪2020 bass salary: $23.8M, $15.7M of which is guaranteed for injury. ‬
If 49ers wanted, could cut him before April 1, 2020 and he would have made $61.2M and been a free agent.‬
2020 Workout bonus: $600K‬
‪Per-game roster bonus: $800K‬
At end of three seasons, he walks away with $86.4M.‬

‪2021: $24.1M base salary‬
2021 Workout bonus: $600K‬
‪Per-game roster bonus: $800K‬
If he makes it to NFC Championship game or is first- or second-team All Pro, then a $7.5M injury guarantee kicks in.‬

‪2022: $24.2M base salary‬
‪Workout bonus: $600K‬
‪Per-game roster bonus: $800K‬

‪Total is $137.5M.‬

Once 2020 kicks in, they can cut him at any time (assuming it isn’t because of injury) and be free clear. So, essentially he has a 2-year deal at $61.2 million or if you want to assume they will give him three years to prove himself a 3-year deal at $86.4 million.

Of course, if he becomes a superstar he will collect every dollar, and they will probably renegotiate a new deal after the 4th year.