Andrew McCutchen Brought So Much Heat To Spring Training With HR That Buster Posey Couldn’t Handle It (Video)

Can you just feel baseball season coming? This is one of the best times of year, for baseball fans of course. Newly traded Andrew McCutchen demonstrated his power as he hit a home run off his teammate Madison Bumgarner. In fact, Buster Posey kindly moved him out of the batter’s box afterwards.

Hitting a home run is great but hitting one of your teammate demonstrates a lot-that you are worth the hype. Andrew McCutchen will be missed in the Steel City but alas, it seems that he’s made a home out of the Bay area as Spring Training has commenced.

Flip the page to see this monster home run. Perhaps Bumgarner might toss to McCutchen at this year’s Home Run Derby?

Erika Fernandez

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