Ayesha Curry on What Advice She Would Give New NBA Wives & If They Should Join National Basketball Wives Association

Ayesha Curry spoke with The Undefeated about her role in the National Basketball Wives Association.

They had a summit during All-Star weekend and are encouraging more women to join.

To what do you attribute the resurgence of the National Basketball Wives Association?

I attribute that to new people coming in, kind of the new wave of women, and kind of revamping it a little … Because it too had stigmas attached, and now one of my personal best friends, Mia [Wright], is the president and she’s completely revamped the NBWA and it’s backed by the NBA now, and it’s an official 501 (c)(3). To have that charitable aspect behind all of this makes it so worthwhile. It really makes it a sisterhood, so it’s kinda cool.

What would you like to see more of within the organization?

I think I’d like to see us coming together more, and to really listen to the women that are involved, going through each person, seeing what it is that they hope to change within their communities, and trying to come together and help everyone with each of their causes.

What would you tell a new wife just coming into the organization?

I would tell her to do her own thing and not believe the hype. There’s a lot of stigma and what I have to say is that everybody’s different. You can’t put these men in a category, I don’t think that’s right, just the same way we don’t want to be put in a category, they don’t want to either, and so it’s just remembering that everybody within the organization and within our realm of things is an individual person. And so to take your relationship and make it your relationship, and nobody else’s, and focus on that.

Ayesha is expecting her 3rd child with Steph Curry sometime this summer.