Blac Chyna on If She Leaked Her Own Sex Tape After Evidence Arises She Was Only One Who Could Have (Video)

When her Ex-boyfriend Mechie spoke out to say that it was him in the sex tape, but he couldn’t have been the one to leak it because it was recorded on Blac Chyna’s phone, people started to assume that maybe Chyna leaked it herself for publicity.

The latest report TMZ seems to back that up even though Chyna denies it.

Sources close to Chyna tell TMZ the scene was shot on her cellphone last July, but insists she showed it to absolutely no one. We’re told the phone was not stolen and there’s no obvious evidence it was hacked. No photos or videos from her phone have been leaked, other than the sex tape.

Mechie says after he shot the vid on Chyna’s phone, he gave it back to her, and never got a copy of the video.

If the phone wasn’t hacked and she never sent the video to anyone, how did it get on the internet?

While you ponder that, flip the pages for photos and videos of Black Chyna…