Blac Chyna on Who Leaked Her Sex Tape & If She Plans to Get The Police Involved

Blac Chyna is already making moves to see who leaked her sex tape to the masses this morning, she has some ideas, and her lawyer spoke to TMZ about what is going on now.

A sex tape Blac Chyna made — with an unknown guy — has leaked online, but it doesn’t appear she has anything to do with it, and she wants cops to track down whoever posted it.

The video shows Chyna performing oral sex on the mystery man. His face is never shown, but you can hear his voice. Chyna’s face is very clear when it’s not being hidden by … y’know … genitalia. The 1 minute, 23 seconds long clip was first posted early Monday morning by an anonymous Twitter account, and appears to have been shot by the guy.

BC’s attorney, Walter Mosley, tells us he can’t comment on the video — but added, “It’s a criminal matter,” and they’re contacting police to investigate.

The Twitter page that originally leaked the video has been suspended. The question begs how did it get from the guy’s phone to whoever leaked the video?

That is what the cops will be trying to find out.