Black Panther on Track to Shatter Several Box Records; Audience Data Shows It Was Movie That Everyone Loved Equally

I think the audience data is the most interesting thing, if anything it should give us some hope. A superhero movie giving us hope, ironically that is what comic books are all about.

Good always prevails over evil, but somethings the villain or bad guy, in this case, Killmonger made some very good points.

Here are the box office details.

In a defining moment for Hollywood, Disney and Marvel Studios’ Black Panther exploded at the Presidents Day box office, bounding to a record-shattering $192 million for the three-day weekend and a projected $218 million for the four-day holiday.

The Ryan Coogler-directed movie — unprecedented in being a big-budget studio tentpole featuring a virtually all-black cast — secured one of the top domestic openings of all time, and the best of any superhero film behind fellow Marvel title The Avengers, which earned $207.4 million in its first three days, not accounting for inflation. It’s still possible that Black Panther could best Avengers’ four-day gross of $226.3 million if Sunday and Monday estimates prove conservative.

Other records broken include the biggest opening for an African-American director, the top-scoring superhero film on Rotten Tomatoes (97 percent) and biggest February bow, supplanting previous champ Deadpool, which took in $152.2 million over the four-day Presidents Day weekend in 2016.

Playing in 4,020 theaters, Black Panther was fueled by a diverse audience. According to comScore, 37 percent of ticket buyers were African-American. Caucasians made up the next largest group (35 percent), followed by Hispanics (18 percent). That sort of demo breakdown is unheard of for a marquee superhero tentpole.

Audiences bestowed Black Panther with an A+ CinemaScore; the only other Marvel title to earn an A+ was Avengers.

Such a beautiful thing.