Bryan Colangelo Says Markelle Fultz’s Shooting Range is Just in The Paint; Watch Fultz Airball Jumper in The Paint (Video)

I think it is mental with Fultz.

I think there is something going on in his head and when that happens, you wonder if he will ever come out of it.  The Philly Voice has the story.

“I think he’s got to feel right, and we’ve got to feel right … Everything within a certain range, it’s beautiful,” said Colangelo. When pressed on what the range currently is, Colangelo offered a revealing answer: “It’s within the paint basically. Paint shots, perimeter shots are kind of where you draw a line. But anything instinctive going to the hole, talk about shot creation and what he’s able to do just some of the rise ups, it’s nice to see.”

Flip the page to watch Fultz airball jumper in the paint.