College Guy Brings Girl Back to His Crib; His Roommate Texts College Guy’s GF to Tell Her He’s Cheating; College Guy Tries to Rip Off Roommate’s Balls For His Betrayal..

I am not seeing the crime here, but for some reason College Guy was arrested.

Ryan Leander Merritt, 20, of Newark, Delaware, was charged after the incident, which occurred at 3:10 a.m. at an apartment on the 800 block of Country Club Road. According to Spring Garden Township police, Merritt and his roommate, Luke Richard Genetti, got into an altercation after Genetti texted Merritt’s girlfriend and told her Merritt had brought another woman to the apartment.

Merritt was allegedly upset that Genetti contacted his girlfriend. Police say he went to Genetti’s bedroom and knocked on the door, but Genetti refused to allow him to enter and attempted to close the door on him.

The confrontation turned physical, police say. Genetti told police that Merritt punched him, scratched him, and grabbed him by the testicles, which immobilized him. He then placed Genetti in a chokehold and bit him in the arm, according to police.

My man needs a better roommate.