Couple’s Defense For Attacking Their Friend With a Chainsaw Was He Owed Them a Couple of Dollars & They Came to Collect (Video)

An Ohio couple was placed under arrest after a dispute over money with a third party turned into a chainsaw-wielding bloodfest leaving the victim with serious injuries.

FOX 8 News in Ohio Reports that William Mitchell and his girlfriend Aliyah Wiley went to the Akron home of an unidentified man to collect on a debt when the dispute became violent.

According to police, the victim and Mitchell began physically fighting and fell to the floor next to a chainsaw in the living room.

After a struggle, Mitchell picked up the saw and hit the victim with the chainsaw blades, police said. The victim was cut on his hands and arms, and tried to flee out the front door.

He fell, so Mitchell and Wiley dragged him back into the house. Akron police said the fight continued with Wiley hitting the victim in his back and legs with the saw.

Finally, the victim broke free and ran next door for help. Mitchell and Wiley fled the scene before officers arrived.

Police later arrested Mitchell and Wiley charging both with aggravated burglary and felonious assault.