Details On Ex-Cowboys RB Lincoln Coleman Being Found Safe After Dallas Police Labeled Him As ‘Critical Missing Person’

Lincoln Coleman was a running back for the Dallas Cowboys in 1993 and 1994 as he was backing up Emmitt Smith. He also earned a Super Bowl ring as Dallas defeated the Buffalo Bills Super Bowl 28.

Four days ago, the Dallas Police Department labeled Coleman as a “critical missing person.” He was known to have needed medical assistance at the time so his unknown whereabouts was a dire situation. Today, Dallas Police Department reported that Coleman has been found and is safe.

Coleman has been experiencing various issues since his football career concluded. In 2012, he entered a rehabilitation center to help defeat his alcohol and cocaine addictions. Coleman also went missing last year. He was living with his mother and soon came back after seeing information about him on the local news. At the time, he was at a homeless shelter.