Details on Ex-NFL Robert Eddins Being Murdered Execution Style By Three Cocaine & Heroin Dealers

The the life of the NFL player isn’t always glamorous and filled with the glory of fans cheering you on. Most guys don’t survive the league more than 2-3 years, and depending on what they spent the little money they made on, it may not lead to a lucrative life after.

Robert Eddins has become a statistic of the bad associated with NFL careers gone sour according to Complex.

On Thursday, a trio of alleged drug dealers were charged in federal court for the slaying of ex-NFL linebacker Robert Eddins and 32-year-old Ricardo McFarlin. On Dec. 20, 2016, both Eddins and McFarlin were found in the basement of a home on Detroit’s west side dead from gunshot wounds to the head after an apparent “execution-style slaying.”

According to the Detroit Newsthe three men indicted were: Michael DeAngelo Griffin, 34, of Birmingham, Alabama; Clifton Dennis Epps, 30, of Amory, Mississippi; and Mariano Lozoya Garcia, 47, of Brownsville, Texas.

Eddins didn’t have the success in the NFL that many dream of, and it appears he opted for a life after the NFL that led him down the path of sociopathic killers. He spent his brief football career with the Bills, mostly on the practice squad, then attempted to play in the CFL.