Details on Harlem Restaurant Falsely Accusing Black Women for Dining & Dashing

Three black women have been falsely accused of dining and dashing in Harlem, in what seems to be the latest racial profiling by a restaurant. Angels of Harlem’s false accusations come just two weeks after two black women were also accused of similar allegations at Applebees in Missouri per Bossip.

45-year-old Fitzgibbon said that when she and her two friends made their way to the bar, the manager approached them and claimed that they ditched their bill last time around.

“You were here last week, and ran up a tab and left,” the manager said aggressively, according to Fitzgibbon. “We were beyond embarrassed,” Fitzgibbon, 45, told the Daily News. “I felt dehumanized.”

Despite Fitzgibbon telling the manager that this was their first time at the restaurant, the manager not only called them liars, he snatched away their menu and pushed the women out of Angels of Harlem.

Another black woman left a review on Yelp the very same day after a similar experience with her boyfriend.

“We were told that my partner had been stealing drinks from the counter and that is why we were charged extra,” Kristina, who lives in Harlem, wrote in the review. “If he had been stealing, why weren’t we kicked out then? This doesn’t make any sense.”

Angels of Harlem are clearly targetting black customers. It’s evident by their two racial profiling incidents in one day.