Details on Kawhi Leonard Not Being Happy With Spurs & Not Trusting How They Handled His Injury

This is probably one of the most underrated stories of the season. Kawhi doesn’t talk much, so unlike a lot of NBA stars, we don’t exactly know how he is feeling.

He has pretty much been in exile for most of the year, but details are coming out that his relationship with the Spurs is shaky at best and that should make a lot of other teams happy.

Fanragsports has additional details.

Leonard isn’t currently happy with the Spurs, league sources confirmed to FanRag Sports. Some of it has to do with the injury situation and how the medical staff has handled it. Some of that gets lumped in with his general frustration in not being able to play. Everything bothers Leonard with how this season and injury have gone, league sources said. Even though the Spurs have cleared him, the quad gives him enough discomfort that he doesn’t trust it to hold up. The Spurs already had a tall task ahead of them against Golden State and Houston. Throw the absence of Leonard into the final 23 games of the season and things remain more dire.

When his free agency comes up in 2019, what will he do?  The Lakers are said to be watching and he will be their #1 target if they can’t get LeBron or Paul George this offseason.

I don’t think the rest of this season will give us an answer, what happens next season though will be very interesting.