Details on Mo’Nique Owing $560K in Taxes to The IRS

Mo’Nique turned down $500,000 from Netflix and called for a boycott of the service citing color and gender bias earlier this year, and now we may have some more insight as to why she made that decision.

According to Department of Treasury records, Mo’Nique owes several tax liens totaling over $560,000.  This is likely part of the reason why she was seeking a much larger deal from Netflix since their $500K offer would not have been substantial enough to cover her tax debt.

Here are more details:

In 2016, she had a tax lien filed against her for the years ending 2013 and 2014 for a total of $389,904.98. Last fall, the federal government said she was late paying her taxes in 2015 as well to the tune of $170,720.74. So the Oscar-winning actress now owes the U.S. government $560,625.72.

Mo’Nique’s public call for a boycott of Netflix did spur other comedians like Wanda Sykes to speak up about pay disparities that black female comedians often face.  Hopefully, she does land a more lucrative deal in the future that can help her reduce her tax burden.