Details on R Kelly Getting Evicted from Sex Cult Mansion For Not Paying Rent

I found it more interesting R Kelly didn’t own the house.

DailyMail is reporting the crooner was hit with eviction papers on Tuesday (Feb. 13). The notice reveals the crooner is behind $23,084.90 in rent and owes an additional $2,308.49 in late fees. The monthly rent on the property is $11,542. According to the report, no one was home when the eviction noticed was served, and the property looked abandoned.

Sources close to the situation tell DailyMail, R. Kelly has been downsizing due to a dip in revenue last year. According to the source, the accusations that he was running an abusive sex cult last year had an effect on his funds. The “Down Low” singer went through a lot of bad press including reports he paid and accuser to keep her story quiet. He even got paid a visit by police who were doing a welfare check on behalf of one of the families of one of the women who is reportedly staying with him.

Sex cults can be bad for business.