Details on Unemployed Husband Charging His Wife Who Pays All The Bills, $150 Every Time She Asked to Be Dropped Off at Work

I know what you are thinking?

This guy is a legend, but alas it didn’t last.

A woman is divorcing her husband in Dubai because he charged her almost $150 every time she asked for a lift.

She was the household’s sole breadwinner and paid the bills because her unemployed husband couldn’t hold down a job, the Al Bayan newspaper reported.

Since she doesn’t yet have her own car, she relied on her husband for rides after work.

But she was stunned when she asked him to drive her somewhere and he asked her to pay for it.

Believing it to be a one-off, she paid him – but was horrified when he demanded $150 for every ride.

He told her it was because the time he spent chauffeuring her was keeping him from his friends, she said.

She decided to stop asking for rides from him and filed for divorce last month.

It was good while it lasted.