Details on What a NYPD Cop Was Doing With the $1.5M Dollars He Stole From Citizens Before Getting Arrested

NYPD arrested one of their own detectives Tuesday after discovering he pinched $1.5 million dollars from citizens.

New York Daily News reports that Michael Bonanno, a 16-year veteran, used wire transfers to steal money from a number of bank accounts owned by city residents to pay off his credit cards and mortgage.

Michael Bonanno, a 16-year department veteran, and a co-conspirator used wire transfers to steal money from the bank accounts of multiple city residents, and made deposits into accounts they controlled, authorities said.

Bonanno, 44, and Domenic Aiello also cashed fraudulent checks written from victims’ accounts into accounts they controlled, according to court papers.

In all, the pair used wire transfers to steal $1,457,642, and deposited approximately $68,900 worth of forged checks

According to court documents, Bonanno and his partner Aiello would pose as the bank account holder. He made phone calls pretending to be his dead father and provided account numbers that belonged to someone else.

Bonanno is charged with one count of bank fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, each of which carries a 30-year prison sentence.