Did The NFL Tell Replay Official Al Riveron To Chill On The Overturned TD Calls And How That Benefited The Eagles

For the past few seasons, fans have wondered what actually qualifies as an official catch in the NFL due to rules that contain a process of possession. Former NFL head officiating Mike Pereira has now come out on the Talk of Fame podcast saying that he thinks that commissioner Roger Goodell told current head of officiating Al Riveron to be less harsh on overturning calls.

Questions about replays arose once again in the Super Bowl when Eagles Tight End Zach Ertz scored¬† ago-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter. Officials questioned if he did not maintain full possession while crossing the goal line but was ruled a score. This situation was also the case for Eagles RB Corey Clement on if he got both of his feet in along with possession of the ball. The Steelers were on the wrong end of this situation against the Patriots in the regular season as Jesse James’ touchdown was overturned as referees said he did not have possession over the goal line.

The NFL must resolve this issue quickly this offseason. This has plagued the league for years and failing to properly call an obvious touchdown will cost teams games on a weekly basis.