Donovan Mitchell Details His Experience Being in the Crowd for LeBron’s “The Decision”

The 2010 summer was a wild roller-coaster ride in the NBA.

LeBron James and his free agency dominated headlines.  At the time, it seemed everyone knew a cousin, who had a friend, who knew where LeBron would land.

The night of “The Decision”, LeBron was joined by The Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich, Connecticut.  Donovan Mitchell, this year’s Slam Dunk champion, was a mere 6th grader in the crowd.  Here’s his account of the night according to Dan Devine of Yahoo Sports.

“It was in Greenwich, Conn., and I went to school in Greenwich [at Greenwich Country Day School],” he said. “So, as a big LeBron fan in the sixth grade, I forced my mom to let me go. I wanted him to go to Miami. I wanted him to get his first ring.”

Young Donovan was glad to see one of his favorite players chart a course for a more successful future. Not everybody at the Greenwich Boys & Girls Club shared his enthusiasm.

“The people there who were Knicks fans … they weren’t too happy about it,” Mitchell said. “I almost got hit in the head with a Snapple bottle because they were just throwing stuff around outside. It was cool. I was just celebrating, so it was pretty cool.”

That’s a tale which i’m sure will make LeBron feel his age.  LeBron took his talents to south beach forming an NBA dynasty while alienating the masses for a while.