Enes Kanter on If He’s Willing to Never See His Family Again If It Means Speaking Out Against Turkish Dictator

Enes Kanter has been very vocal when it comes to the current political climate back home in Turkey. The current Knicks player will not be silenced and it might’ve dawned on him that he won’t be seeing his family for a very long time.

When you see injustices going on, you’re inclined to say something but 9 times out 10, many stay silent purely because of fear. Many of us have learned a lot more about the word activism in recent years and then in the case of Enes Kanter, we’ve learned about what the deal is in Turkey. This is just a snippet of what he shared a few days ago.

Kanter has labeled Turkey as home and home means family as well as friends. When will he get to see them? It could definitely be at least a decade if not longer considering that there was a failed coup back in 2016.

Depending on how long Erdogan rules, Kanter may not be able to return home for at least another decade, but he isn’t sweating it.

“I didn’t know it was going to be that,” Kanter told Bleacher Report. “But then I thought about it: If I know that I cannot ever go back to Turkey, that I can never see my family again, I’d still do what I’m doing right now.”

Its a tough sentence to even pronounce but he wouldn’t have said that if he didn’t have his family’s support. This goes beyond the game many love and it’s great to see athletes use their platform to fight a bigger cause.

Erika Fernandez

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