Ex-NFL Aldon Smith Tells Judge He is Broke & Explains Why He Can’t Pay His $9k a Month in Child Support

Because of problems of his own doing, Aldon Smith hasn’t played in the NFL since 2015. He is claiming without any income he can’t keep up with his $9k a month child support payments.

Here is his story via TMZ.

28-year-old Smith hasn’t played a snap in the NFL since 2015 — when he was suspended for a hit and run arrest in which cops say he was also drunk. Smith says he’s currently awaiting reinstatement.

The issue … back in 2013, Smith was ordered to pay $9,007 per month in child support to his baby mama for their now 5-year-old son.

He has since fallen behind almost $79,000 in payments — and he’s concerned it’s only going to get worse unless the judge cuts him a break.

Smith says, at the time the child support amount was determined, he was making $3 million per year ($250k per month) … so he could easily afford the payments. But things have changed …

“I have had no income since November 2015,” Smith states in court docs obtained by TMZ Sports … “I have done my best to stay current, but without an income I have fallen behind.”

According to TMZ sources, Smith has blown all his money living a lavish lifestyle, that isn’t hard to believe because players assume they will be in the NFL forever.

Ironically, Smith use to date Colin Kaepernick’s current girlfriend, Nessa. She isn’t the baby mama though.