Guy’s Barber is Shooting His Shot at His Client’s Girlfriend in The DMs; Is Anything Sacred Anymore? (Photos)

I am getting old, so I understand the game may have changed, but if there is one rule that is sacred is that your barber has to be the most trustworthy person on the planet.

A man’s barber is like his psychiatrist, nothing that is said in that shop should ever leave the shop. There is an unwritten that your barber should never even think of your girl, ex-girl or girl you might be thinking about talking to in any way besides supporting you while hooking you up with fresh fade.

This guy’s barber license should be revoked immediately.

Don’t get me wrong Miss Dianny is cute, but she isn’t cute enough to break the sacred trust of a barber and his client. There isn’t a woman on earth that fine.  If you want to shoot your shot at Miss Dianny here is her IG.

I swear these new dudes are going to be the death of us.

If you want to see some photos of Miss Dianny, flip the pages.