Jemele Hill Rallies Eminem, Big Sean, Jalen Rose & Others to Help Send Over 900 Detroit Kids to See Black Panther

The Black Panther movie at its core is a Superhero movie, but the great thing about it is that it is showing all of us we can be superheroes in our own little way.

Case in point.

Detroit native and ESPN star Jemele Hill, who now reports for “The Undefeated,” implored her 982,000 followers to make sure Detroit kids see “Black Panther.”

Big Sean and Eminem and Jalen Rose, who all joined the Free Press, the Detroit Lions and the Ford Fund in planning the trip for Feb. 28.

But we’re not taking 200 kids. We’re taking 900.

We plan to fill the entire Emagine Royal Oak Theater with an array of children, including more than 200 who haven’t missed a day of school this year.

“I left that movie feeling so inspired,” Hill said of an early screening of the film. “And one of the many things that the ‘Black Panther’ movie is about is hope. That’s the most important thing we can give children.

“I know, having grown up in Detroit, that there is sometimes a shortage of that there,” she said. “Kids need to be inspired. This movie is meant to show them that they can move mountains. It’s almost meant to show them that your lot in life does not have to be determined by where you come from. I just connected with it on such a great level. Every child deserves to see this movie.”

Jemele has flourished since asking off the very restrictive Sportscenter and moving to The Undefeated.