Lonzo on His Mixtape, Why His Dad’s Quotes Don’t Bother Him & Playing with Isaiah Thomas; Also What Happened When I Ran Into LaVar Ball Outside of Staples Center (Video)

BIG BALLER BRAND!!! And The King of the Dollarnaires interview coming soon.

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To set the stage, I had just finished talking to Lonzo and Brandon Ingram after the NBA Rising Stars Game. I was leaving the arena I see LaVar Ball talking to a group of kids.

I stop of course to take a look, and I see all these kids of various races and nationalities. I hear LaVar telling these kids never to give up on their dreams, and they can be whatever they want in life. Even though he had to get inside, he made sure to take a photo with every one of the kids and let them know if they ever need anything to come and find him.

There weren’t any media around, no TMZ cameras and the only reason I saw it was by accident, but this is the LaVar Ball people rarely get to see.

He was in a rush but was generous enough to stop and talk to me for a bit. I asked him what was up with the kids and he said one of the things about BBB is he wanted kids to see you can do things on your own. That a lot of kids feel like they have to be under someone or are taught that just being a part of someone’s else company is what makes you successful, but true success is owning your own.

When I asked if he thinks any of his comments hurt his sons and said what father wouldn’t want all of his kids playing for the same team it would be a dream come true, the only difference is he is saying it the Big Baller way and is going to talk it into existence.  He said that he only speaks positively of his sons like any father would do, but is vilified for it, but he isn’t surprised by it.

I thought Lonzo’s comment about his dad was interesting. You can see it in the video above; he just says that he plays ball and it doesn’t bother him at all.

It is such a boring answer, people don’t want to believe it, but it is true.

One thing I can tell you from my brief interaction with LaVar Ball is the TV/interview persona isn’t act, that is just the way he is, but he is also someone at his core just wants best for his family and the people around him.