Lonzo’s Boy on IG Saying He Dumped His Pregnant Girlfriend & He’s a Free Man to Sow His Big Baller Oats With Singer Natalie La Rose (Pics-Video)


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On the surface, it just looks like a random photo of Lonzo Ball and singer Natalie La Rose.

But 12up by way of Busted Coverage says there is more to the story. According to IG comments, Lonzo’s high school teammate Eli Scott is confirming a rumor that Lonzo has broken up with his High School girlfriend, Denise Garcia.

The one problem with that is Garcia is pregnant.


A quick look at Lonzo’s Instagram page shows the last photo he uploaded of Garcia was on Valentine’s Day………2017.

Here IG page is still filled with pics of Zo, but nothing recent since people found out she was pregnant. What does it all mean?

Who knows, if you just wanted pics & vids of Natalie La Rose and the evidence Lonzo is a free man now, flip the pages.