Mark Cuban Explains How He Knew Reporter He Hired Was Beating Women Including a Mavs Employee, But Explains Why He Didn’t Fire Him Immediately.

The Outspoken Mavericks owner takes full responsibility for not firing former reporter Earl K Sneed. Cuban talked with ESPN to explain why Sneed wasn’t removed from his role simply because he was not cognizant of the “gruesome details” of the incident that took place in 2011.

“It came down to my final decision that I made”

“I would have fired him and still made him go to counseling”

The disgraced reporter had multiple incidents one including another Mavericks employee in which he dated back in 2014. Mark Cuban was informed of this situation as well but ultimately decided not to fire him following the second offense.

“So when the second time came around … the way I looked at it was — and, again, in hindsight it was a mistake — but I didn’t want to just fire him, because then he would go out there and get hired again and do it somewhere else,”

“So that was my decision. What I missed, and it was truly a f— up on my part, because I was not there [at the Mavericks’ office], I looked at everything anecdotally. My real f— up was I didn’t recognize the impact it would have on all the other employees. I looked at this as a one-off situation where, OK, if I don’t do anything, this person could go out there and do damage on another women another time. Or do I say, can we get him counseling to try to prevent that from happening again? I thought I was doing the right thing at the time.”

This isn’t the best time for the 18-40 Dallas Mavervicks, who are having quite the struggling season.  Cuban was also fined today $600k by NBA for telling his team to tank.