Meek Mill Makes Case For Prison Release As He Claims That Cop Who Arrested Him In 2007 Was Dirty And Made Lies About Him

Meek Mill and his lawyer Joe Tacopina have been doing everything possible to erase Meek’s 2-4 year prison sentence over a minor probation violation. According to new documents, Meek is saying that the case should be thrown away due to the officer who arrested him in 2007 having a history of making dirty arrests and committing lies. The officer being named is Reginald Graham.

In documents obtained by TMZ, fellow police officer Gerold Gibson said that Graham lied about Meek drawing a gun on him when he was actually trying to get rid of it. Graham also reportedly lied about Meek resisting arrest.

Documents obtained also state that Graham told another cop that he did intentionally try to hurt Meek.

Meek continues to be treated unfarily by the justice system as is the same situation with other black men in America. Graham’s crooked activity as a cop should prove to be sufficient evidence in getting Meek off of probation along with this case as a whole.