Meet Melissa Harville-Lebron, The First Black Woman to Own a NASCAR Team

CEO and Founder of E2 Northeast Motorsports, Melissa- Harville-Lebron has successfully signed a deal with NASCAR making her the first black Woman to own a NASCAR team. The sport which consist of prominently white males, Harville-Lebron hopes to  to bridge the gap where there isn’t much diversity.

“This team truly exemplifies diversity that is sure to attract a younger multicultural fan base. It’s an honor to announce that Stenzel is now a part of this racing family.”

Along with Coop Motorsports, race car driver Scott Stenzel managed to come in 15th place at the Daytona International Speedway for the team. Harville-Lebron talked with Black Enterprise to discuss her excitement in regards to making history and future goals of her company.

“It’s important for our culture to push generational wealth to our children. It’s important to lead by example. All too often our children see negative images of our culture and I think it’s very important for people of our culture actually succeeding in business,”

E2 Northeast Motorsports, Inc. currently consist of 6 drivers who hold a variety of professional licensed levels.

Melissa Harville- Lebron plans to create more opportunities for people of color.

One thought on “Meet Melissa Harville-Lebron, The First Black Woman to Own a NASCAR Team

  • What she said about intergenerational wealth was so true. I’m really hoping that she doesn’t play the token negro roll. I hope that she knows what the implications behind her in this position truly are and what it means For black people as a whole. From what she said though it sounds like she has her head on straight. The next thing she could do would be to help us start our own League.

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