Mike Tyson Speaks on Deontay Wilder Saying He Would Knock Him Out in His Prime (Video)

Deontay Wilder is the most feared boxer at this point, the heavyweight champion is undefeated and is looking to continue that streak. Perhaps Anthony Joshua can step to the plate and offer a punchers chance as Wilder has 39 wins with 38 knockouts and zero losses.

Wilder has a very strong opinion and isn’t afraid to ruffle feathers even if that means going after legends, such as Mike Tyson. Back in January Wilder spoke his mind and TMZ heard all about it, saying there’s no old school or new school fighter that could top him. Bold comments by the champ.

Tyson doesn’t back down from the challenge. Flip the page to hear Mike’s take captured by TMZ, by the way, Wilder will be fighting Luis Ortiz in Brooklyn, New York on March 3.