Philando Castile’s Mom Calls Out NRA Chief For Not Caring About Her Son’s Death, Racism And Hypocrisy On Who Can Use Guns

Philando Castile was unjustly shot and killed by Minneapolis police in the summer of 2016 and his mom, Valerie Castile, has been vocal about police brutality since then.

In an interview with the Daily News, Castile ripped NRA Chief Wayne LaPierre for being silent when her son was gunned down. She went on to say that he is money hungry and that her son being black was undeserving of receiving justice according to his standards.

“My son was one of the good guys, but him being black, obviously they didn’t see him as a good guy. They’ve yet to say anything about my son,” said Castile to the Daily News.

Castile also condemned the idea that schools should be militarized in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School shooting in Parkland, FL last week.

“Arming the schools will make them more like a battlefield. If everyone has guns, bullets will be flying everywhere. You’ll end up with more bodies.”

Philando Castile’s mother has been speaking the truth regarding the NRA and their dedication of defending guns no matter who loses their life. The organization still has not come out proposing some form of gun control that will keep dangerous firearms such as AR-15s out of the wrong people’s hands.