Quincy Jones Apologizes On Twitter For Saying Richard Pryor Slept With Marlon Brando, Michael Jackson Stole Songs, And Everything Else

Quincy Jones has been lighting up the headlines over the past month by spilling all the tea. First, he revealed that he has 22 girlfriends of many age ranges and that they’re all cool with it. Then he went in on everybody in an interview with Vulture about Richard Pryor’s sexual relationship with Marlon Brando and painting Michael Jackson as a thief who steals songs.

Jones has now taken to Twitter to apologize to everyone he’s offended. He also revealed that his six daughters sat him down for a family intervention. Jones also noted that him bad-mouthing people was inexcusable and that it contradicted everything he stood for as a person. He thanked everyone for their criticism of his behavior and that he’s looking forward to continuing to grow as a person.

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