Report: Could The Cowboys Be Interested in Kirk Cousins & What Other Surprise Teams Might Take a Shot of Cousins

Jerry Jones has been known to do some strange things in the past with the Cowboys roster, so don’t scoff this report off as nonsense. It would seem preposterous for Jones to go after Cousins, who is expected to get somewhere around $60 million guaranteed, especially since the Cowboys already have the budding talent of Dak Prescott, who comes for cheap while still on his rookie contract. However, this is Jerry Jones we’re talking about.

“I wouldn’t put that past him at all,” PFT’s Charean Williams, who covered the Cowboys for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, recently said during a visit to PFT Live. “We’ve seen it so many times with his intrigue with quarterbacks. We saw it back with Johnny Manziel. He just gets in his head some of these quarterbacks that he falls in love with. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a little love there for Kirk Cousins and is thinking about those down-the-field throws. . .  He does throw the ball down the field way better than most quarterbacks in the NFL. [Ben] Roethlisberger’s right there with him. I know how much Jerry loves that part of the game. I could see that.”

Jones likely would be dissuaded by his son, Stephen Jones, or by coach Jason Garrett. But it would be naive to think Jerry Jones hasn’t at least wondered whether Cousins would be an upgrade over Prescott, and whether the Cowboys should find a way to get the soon-to-be-former Washington starter.

Put nothing past Jerry. The Cowboys are his team, and anything is possible once he puts his mind to it. PFT is also putting some other potential teams in the mix for the Cousins sweepstakes.

The Giants interest might peak, since the Jets seem to be making a run for Cousins. Finally, there’s the Saints. Drew Brees might still be a gunslinger, but why not bring in a younger model of the gunslinger ready and waiting for Brees to hang it up. After all, he’s not getting younger at 39 years old.

Whoever winds up with Cousins will be shelling out a lot of money and putting a significant dent in the team’s salary cap.