Republican Governor Eric Greitens Arrested for Taking Nudes of His Married Side Chick & Hairdresser Without Her Permission & Then Blackmailing Her With the Nudes

What a time to be alive!!!

Governor Greitens wife is standing by her man.

Missouri governor Eric Greitens has been arrested on felony invasion of privacy charges related to an extramarital affair with his married hairdresser, state authorities announced.

The married father-of-two, 43, was indicted on Thursday for taking a nude photograph of his former mistress while she had ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’ and transmitting the image, according to court documents.

An investigation was launched in January after Greitens admitted to a March 2015 affair with the unnamed woman, who has also accused him of threatening to share the image if she exposed their relationship.

She also claims the governor slapped her during an encounter in the same hospital where his wife was giving birth to their child.

In the 2015 audio recording, the woman purported to be Gretiten’s lover is heard telling her husband about a physical interaction she had with the lawmaker just days earlier.

The woman said she met Greitens, a client, at her hair salon roughly one year before – when she revealed she was ‘instantly’ attracted to him.

One Saturday morning in March of the following year, she went to his house, where the two had sex for the first time.

Then, he allegedly threatened to expose naked images of her if she told anyone what happened.

The ex-husband’s attorney, Albert Watkins, made another explosive allegation, accusing the governor of slapping his client after she told him she and her husband had sex during their attempt at reconciliation.

We are living in some wild times.