The Big Baller Lakers Debate Who is the Best at Roasting on Social Media

The Big Baller Lakers have good chemistry, at some point that is going to manifest itself on the court, but at the moment these are young guys who like each other a lot.

Being young, means the roasting will happen. They were asked who was the best at it.

As the two rookies sit on stationary bikes next to each other at the Lakers’ practice facility, Ball and Kuzma are doing something that has sort of become a fun hobby — they’re making fun of each other as if they’re on a Comedy Central roast, firing jabs about everything from their fashion sense to who can get the most likes or get a roast to go viral on social media to who can clap back at a dis the best.

“I am,” Ball says when asked who is the best Laker at roasting.

“Probably me,” Kuzma replies at the same time. “Really, every time I post something, it goes viral.”

“Mine does, too,” Ball retorts.

“His doesn’t really go viral,” Kuzma explains.

“Mine does, too,” Ball counters.

“Mine’s actually funny though,” Kuzma answers.

Brandon Ingram adds later: “Kuz is the best. But Zo has so many followers, Zo can get a laugh out of anybody so Zo is going to win regardless.”

There are times when the busting back and forth is not suitable for social media. Following most shootarounds and practices, Kuzma and Ball will take on assistant coaches Brian Shaw and Miles Simon in a 3-point shooting game. The game, which has gone on all season, is highly competitive and filled with a ton of trash-talking and expletives.

“Miles Simon is the worst roaster … of roast history,” Kuzma says.

“He’s the worst because he gets too sensitive,” Ball continues.

“He gets too sensitive,” Kuzma chimes in.

“And then he starts saying personal stuff,” Ball deadpans. “That does not need to be said.”

And Ball and Kuzma never take any of it personally?

“Nah,” Ball says with a straight face.

“Nah. Never,” Kuzma follows.

“There’s a line,” Ball says again with a straight face. “Miles crosses it.”

“Miles crosses that line,” Kuzma also deadpans.

“I don’t think any of it is printable,” Ball says of Simon’s trash-talking. “It’s pretty bad. Anything we tell you right now is going to ruin his reputation.”

Still, the trash-talking sessions with Shaw and Simon won’t stop anytime soon. And neither will the roasting.

“[It won’t stop] ’til we grow up,” Kuzma says.

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