Watch Odell Beckham Jr. Clown a Cameraman’s Baldness Until Cameraman Turns Around (Video)

The NBA concluded another fantastic All-Star weekend on Sunday night. The showcase game was actually pretty exciting, and the new format with team captains choosing squads seems to have injected the game with new life. What makes the NBA the best league in professional sports is the way they celebrate their game. It draws athletes from other sports, celebrities, and entertainers like no other league can. Case in point, Giants star wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. was in Los Angeles for the festivities and he had a ball.

Get on IG and check out some of his funny posts from the weekend. He also had a good time clowning a cameraman for his lack of hair.

Flip the page to see OBJ’s hilarious IG story with the bald cameraman, courtesy of Bleacher Report.