Aaron Hernandez’s Lawyer Questions If He Really Committed Suicide; Here is His Reason Why…

A two-part series on Oxygen will be airing this weekend on former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez.

Hernandez, who last played for the New England Patriots, committed suicide in his Massachusetts prison cell five days after he was acquitted for a 2012 double murder but still sitting on a life sentence charge for the 2013 murder of Odin Lloyd. The series, ‘Aaron Hernandez Uncovered’, explores his double life and how things went down hill. His lawyer, Jose Baez, disagrees telling FOX News that he was happy in his final days:

“Aaron’s final days were happy days. He was excited by the fact that he got acquitted. He was looking forward to the future. The best way I could describe it is through his own words. He said, ‘I feel like a kid again.’ He was so excited and happy.”

This makes sense since Hernandez and his lawyer were ready to appeal the 2013 murder charge. There was a possibility he would be a free man or at least serve a lesser sentence. One day he may finally be with his wife and daughter again who he hasn’t held since she was born. With that being said, suicide caught many off guard.

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy was discovered in Hernandez’ brain and considered of the most severe cases according to The Washington Post. The damage could have affected his decision-making. Baez says the illness is what caused his death.