Breana Talbott Who Lied About 3 Black Men Kidnapping and Raping Her Because She Was Mad at Her Boyfriend Gets ZERO Jail Time

There are black men in jail because of women like Breana Talbott. If she wasn’t so stupid or if there were some crooked cops on the case, it is likely some innocent black men would have been charged.

You don’t need much if any evidence to put black men in jail if you are motivated enough.

Thankfully it didn’t happen in this case.

On March 8, 2017, police in Denison, Texas, responded to a call that Breana Rachelle Harmon was missing and the door to her vehicle was open, with her personal items scattered on the ground near her automobile. A few hours later, Harmon walked into a nearby church bloodied, bruised and discombobulated, wearing nothing but her underwear.

According to the Herald-Democrat, Harmon told the police that she was kidnapped by three black males wearing ski masks and gloves. Harmon explained how the roving band of masked thugs, obviously roaming the area looking for white women to defile, snatched the 18-year-old out of her car, took her to a wooded area and gang-raped her.

But Harmon bravely fended off the imaginary Negroes in an epic knife fight from which she luckily escaped with only a few scratches on her legs. She fled to the church and recounted her story to officers, who began searching for the African rape squad before they could attack another white woman.

Harmon eventually confessed that she might have made up the part about the black men. And the part about being kidnapped. And the part about being raped.

Harmon admitted that she had cut herself and her jeans because she was upset about possibly breaking up with her boyfriend. When she realized that her mom might be upset about the jeans, Harmon said, she just made up the stuff about the group of masked rapists because … well … you know—they’re black.

I wouldn’t even be that upset about her getting probation if she just said men, but she specifically said BLACK MEN because she knew how cops would react to that.

Of course, she got a slap on a wrist for this. Black people go to jail for having one joint, but Harmon won’t spend a day in jail and you know why.

The Denison woman who pleaded guilty to making up a story that three black men kidnapped and raped her last year was sentenced to 8 years probation, over $8,000 in restitution, and to pay another $2,000 in court fines on Tuesday.

Breana Harmon, 19, pleaded guilty to two counts tampering with evidence and two counts of tampering with a government record in Grayson County district court last month.

Be safe out there black men because white women like Ms. Harmon are a threat to your freedom.

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