Details on Ex-NFL RB Ricky Williams Starting Medical Marijuana Company & Where You Can Find The Products

Ricky Williams ‘donated’ a good chunk of his NFL earnings in fines due to his love of weed.

Now aged 40 and comfortably retired; Williams can remember being called a ‘dumb pot-head’, being bombarded with questions about how he could throw a successful NFL career away over “drugs”, & being all but forced out of the NFL due to his refusal to stop smoking.

But through it all, he maintains that weed has helped his health immensely. In a time when many from his era are struggling with their injuries from brutal NFL careers, Williams says he feels great & credits a healthy lifestyle, as well as medical marijuana use.

Now, he’s turning one of his life’s passions into a start-up business & getting in on the “green rush” taking over parts of the country.

Via, The Cannabist:

Real Wellness by Ricky Williams launches in California with six products designed to be incorporated into daily routines made with formulations combining cannabidiol and THC with herbal extracts.

“Single herbs are never given alone to treat a condition,” Williams explains. “Herbal formulations are the best treatments and ameliorate side effects of any of the individual herbs.”

The brand’s Serenity Tonic, for instance, has a 3:1 CBD to THC ratio while the Serenity Vape dials in a 1:1.5 ratio; both add lemon balm, catnip, passionflower, poppy, chamomile, and lavender to calm mind and body, according to the company. RW’s Head Ease Vape is designed to target tension and headaches with THC, adding angelica, chamomile, peppermint oil, white willow and other herbs.

The real promise of marijuana’s rise is the potential for a reemergence of herbalism, Williams said. In his ongoing studies of Chinese herbalism, he’s encountering formulas created over 2,000 years ago that are still in use today.

Williams partnered with California’s OutCo to grow cannabis, extract cannabinoids, and formulate products incorporating his study Aryuvedic and Chinese medicine. He was drawn to the partnership after a personal meeting with CEO Lincoln Fish, he said.

In addition, Williams is also launching a line of products made specifically for athletes. I’ll assume, for now, that these products will be for amateur players initially, as I don’t think you’d be able to pass an NCAA or professional drug test using them.

However, I’d still call releasing the products for athletes a smart business move, because as the attitude towards marijuana changes, the chances leagues will stop testing for it will increase, giving Williams a nice seat at the table early on.

If you’re interested in REAL WELLNESS products, click here.

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