Details On New Spring Football League That Will Be Competing Against The XFL

Former All-Pros Justin Tuck, Jared Allen, Troy Polamalu, former NFL executive Bill Polian, and TV producer Charlie Ebersol made a huge announcement in New York City today that had football fans intrgued. They all announced that they would form the Alliance Of American Football in 2019.

Ebersol started the presentation by discussing how football fans are in constantly craving for the game even after the Super Bowl ends in February. He went on to say that the league would begin the following Sunday after the Super Bowl in 2019 and will air on CBS.

Ebersol discussed that the fans would be extremely valued in the Alliance of American Football. He said that one of the best seats in their stadiums would total $35 along with low concession stand prices. He also announced that fans would be able to be more engaged in fantasy football as their games are happening. The app for the league will also be available in the near future long before the games kick off in February 2019.

Rules implemented include no extra points, only two-point conversions, and no kickoff returns. Allen, Tuck and Polamalu said that these will be in affect due to trying to protect the players’ safety as best as they can.

I spoke to Polian, Allen, and Ebersol about which players are eligible to play in the league. They all replied by saying that undrafted NFL players, arena league players and athletes in Canada are all welcome. Polian also said that The Alliance of American Football will hold open tryouts so that other talented football players can still attempt to earn an opportunity to play the game they love.

While the Alliance Of American Football will launch in 2019 and will look for long-term success, they will also have to compete with the return of the XFL in 2020. The Alliance’s launch is great news for fans who have a passion for football all year long and the cities where teams will be implemented will be announced in the near future.