Don King on How Trump is The Best President Since the Slavery Ones (VIdeo)

Don King is still in full support of his friend Trump.

During a recent appearance on Fox Business, King double downs on his support for Trump going so far as to liken him to the United States founding fathers.

“No one has carried the type of lightening rod activities since the 13 colonies wrote a letter to King George saying they wanted to discharge so they can be eliminated and independent Americans.”

“He is unpredictable. He is uncontrollable. He can’t be intimidated or coerced. He can’t be bought and the only people he has to answer to is the American people.”

“Not that he’s an angel, but the fact of the matter is, he’s bringing out all the racism, all the critics, everybody that wants to destroy him…it brings out all of the divisiveness, it brings out the hatred, it brings out all these different things we can now administer to.”

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3 thoughts on “Don King on How Trump is The Best President Since the Slavery Ones (VIdeo)

  • Words from an honest guy who NEVER made money with 45 like Don King means the world. PS Don King has killed before

  • Only you Don King could sink so low said the black snake to the white snake, you both are full of venom , you praise him only because you think he’s on your side, just don’t turn your back, ask the rest of his cabinet,they can’t even sleep at night, though you had a little sense D K.

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