Ex-Child Actor Becomes High-Profile Realtor, Now Suspect in Gunning Down Wife At Mall

Kevin Crane, 33-year old real estate agent, gunned down his 29-year old ex-wife at The Oaks Mall in California per BET reports. Parisa Siddiqi was working at Paper Source when Crane shot her after an argument. He then shot himself but survived the self-inflicted wound. There is no history of the two having a violent history.

Crane claimed he’s a former actor. When he was a kid he apparently appeared in movies like “Little Giants”.  A source of knowledge of Disney Channel series state that “there are no records of Kevin Crane starring in a Disney Channel series or movie” per PEOPLE.

Rapper Big Sean & Crane are longtime friends and a client of Crane’s realty business. Crane just helped Big Sean purchase a $8.7 million dollar home was also helping Travis Scott buy a home for his newborn daughter and girlfriend Kylie Jenner.

Siddiqi wanted to become a real estate agent herself and just passed an exam three weeks ago according to ABC 7.  Her employer set up a GoFundMe page for their two young boys.