Florida Woman on Having No Regrets on Beating Up Her Husband For Forgetting Their Anniversary

This is not a valid reason to beat up your spouse, if the roles were reversed, people wouldn’t be saying GO BOY, like they are saying GO GIRL to this.

A 35-year-old woman who smacked her husband for “forgetting their wedding anniversary” was arrested Wednesday afternoon by Pasco County deputies, the Sheriff’s Office said.

During the argument, deputies said, Carol Stone hit her husband “multiple times” on the head and face area, which caused red marks and minor scratches.

Stone’s husband recorded the incident on his cell phone and later showed it to deputies.

During an interview with authorities, Stone told deputies she and her husband got into a verbal dispute because he forgot their anniversary. During the argument, authorities reported, Stone’s husband pushed her on the ground, then she “flipped.”

She is being held without bail, but says she has no regrets.