Gronk Crashes Bachelor Party While Dressed as a Leprechaun

There are rumors that Rob Gronkowski may be contemplating retirement from the NFL.  But Gronk will probably never retire from his partying ways.  John Breech, a writer for CBS Sports recounted the story of how his St. Patrick’s Day Bachelor Party was crashed by none other than Rob Gronkowski.

After about five minutes at the bar, my brother turns to me and says, “Am I drunk or does that giant leprechaun over there look like Rob Gronkowski?”

Let me just say that if you ever see a 6-foot-6 guy wearing a cut-off hoodie with athletic shorts and a leprechaun costume, there is a 100-percent chance that it’s Rob Gronkowski.”

At one point, Gronkowski stated that he will be playing for the “Sixty-Niner’s” next season.

Never change, Gronk.