How The Media Told a Little White Lie About Chino Hills Playing in State Title Game to Make LaMelo Ball’s Old Tweet Look Worse Than It Really Was

You have to be very careful with the media because they are known to tell little white lies to push their narrative. Many hate LaVar Ball and want the Big Baller Brand to fail, others just know putting out negative stories about the Ball family will get them the clicks and the ratings they are looking for.

Chino Hills struggled to start the season without LaMelo Ball and Ball indeed trolled them on Twitter.

I don’t agree with the tweet, it was petty and unnecessary and like with anything on social media tweets like that can come back to haunt you. That is what appeared to be the case when several headlines popped up about Chino Hills bouncing back from their slow start to go 25-11 and appearing in a state championship game.

Here were a few of the headlines I saw.

No LaMelo, no LaVar, no problem: Balls’ former team Chino Hills to play for state title

LaMelo Ball’s ex-high school makes state title after he blasted team on Twitter

LaMelo Ball’s former high school makes state title after he dissed them on Twitter

Factually speaking none of these headlines are incorrect, Chino Hills did indeed make the state title, the problem with all of these stories is they leave out one major point.

In California, there are TWO TYPES of state titles.

The CIF Federation Council may have provided that boost by voting in favor of adding an open division as a sixth division to the state playoffs.

There’s a good chance that adding an open division will result in increased attendance and TV viewership. Two years ago, for example, the Mater Dei of Santa Ana and St. Mary’s of Stockton girls possibly would have played in an open division final that also would have determined which team was going to be No. 1 in the nation.

The open division will be for teams from any division, any section and regardless of enrollment.

Criteria include winning two straight section titles, playing in a regional final in three of the previous four years and appearing in the top 10 of the Cal-Hi Sports, MaxPreps or Calpreps rankings for two straight years, including the current one.

Essentially the OPEN DIVISION is the true state title where the elite teams play. When Lonzo Ball played at Chino Hills that is the title they won, and that is the title that LaMelo and LiAngelo Ball were playing for last season.

Chino Hills (Calif.) has completed its perfect season and solidified its spot atop the USA TODAY High School Sports Super 25.

The Huskies (35-0) beat De La Salle (Concord), 70-50, for the CIF State Open Division title Saturday in Sacramento, punctuated by its usual high-flying end-to-end style and key performances by the UCLA-bound Ball Brothers.

For Chino Hills, senior Lonzo Ball had 15 points, 10 rebounds, five steals and five assists. LaMelo Ball had 14 points. LiAngelo Ball had 18 points.

With the state and national titles in hand, Lonzo Ball heads to Chicago on Sunday for the McDonald’s All American Game.

What Chino Hills is currently playing for is a lower division state title. That is nothing to sneeze at, but it isn’t the same as when LaMelo, Lonzo, and LiAngelo were there and if LaMelo would have stayed in school it is likely they would have been in the running for the bigger title.  The true State title game will be Sierra Canyon vs. Sheldon.  In the two years previous with LaMelo, Chino Hills lost three games, they lost 11 this year and didn’t make it to the elite title, so let’s not act like he wasn’t missed.  Basically, Chino Hills is playing in the NIT, when the Ball Boys were there they were playing in the NCAA Tournament.

Once again Chino Hills should be very proud of their accomplishment especially after a rough start to the season, but to imply they are winning something a title without LaMelo without pointing out it is a lower division title is disingenuous by media.

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  • That’s what they do! The media is D’EVIL!

  • Yea I bet they youngin would rather be in high having fun instead of playing overseas on a team he doesn’t care about lok

  • So is this one mostly true or mostly false lol

  • They were not playing in a low tier game, it was Division 1.

    • They are, it isn’t the highest level, you know what happens when you don’t qualify for the highest level, you play are a LOWER LEVEL

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