How Virginia’s Loss to UMBC Cost a Bettor $20k, but Someone Else Got Lucky & Won $16k

Virginia became the first No.1 seed to suffer at the hands of a 16-seed when they got beaten by University of Maryland Baltimore County, losing by 20-points in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. It’s no surprise that a lot of money was on the line parlays per Robby Kalland. I mean many would bet big on the No.1 seed to win easily versus a 16-seed, right? At the same time, the possibility of losing big is just as high.

One unlucky bettor watched a three teamer $20,000 bet to win $870 go up in flames. The three teams that the $20 000 were risked on are Purdue, North Carolina, and Virginia. The mystery bet was casually announced in vague terms by CG Technology’s VP on Twitter.

There was a lucky winner who clearly had a lot of faith on UMBC. CG Technology confirmed that it took an $800 money line bet on the 16-seed that paid out $16,800. I bet that bettor is very happy with himself.

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