Kendall Jenner on Dating Blake Griffin & Indoctrinating Him Into the Kardashian Clan (Photos)

For the first time Kendall Jenner has opened up about dating Blake Griffin.

Here is what she had to say to VOGUE.

Kendall Jenner—a tomboy who collects vintage cars, prefers sneaks and jeans and a hoodie, and rolls with a squad of mostly guys—is not gay. Indeed, she is dating Blake Griffin, the Detroit Pistons power forward. She refuses to confirm this fact, but one of the reasons we can be fairly certain is that the day after Valentine’s Day she calls me from Michigan, and when I ask why she’s there she says coyly, “I’m visiting a friend.” When I ask point-blank if she has a boyfriend, she says, “I like my private life.” Pause. “Yeah . . . no. I’m happy. He’s very nice. I have someone being very nice to me.”

That is about as close as you going to get from him. She is the quietest of all the Kardashian-Jenners.

Flip the page for photos of Kendall and Blake.