Kim Kardashian On People Saying Kanye Is In Sunken Place Because Of Her (Photos)

Memes are popular in pop culture and have even become a way of life. The “sunken place” became popular after the blockbuster Get Out released. Kanye West has been put into memes as being in the sunken place and quite frankly, Kim Kardashian is sick of it.

Whenever the sunken place memes go out, I always chuckle because they’re legitimately funny and may have some truth to them. Kim Kardashian sounded off to Elle magazine about the memes that have surfaced that claim that Kanye is in the sunken place.

She told Elle, “Another dumb Kanye f–king Get Out reference … It’s like people are so f–king dumb and stupid.”

You can’t blame her for taking it personal- that’s obviously her husband and what it suggests is offensive but you really can’t help but wonder if he’s truly in the sunken place.

On the other hand, Get Out is the G.O.A.T. for bringing that term and giving it life.

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