Loyola Cuts Off Hannibal Buress Mic For Joke About Catholic Priests Sexually Molesting Boys (Video)

It only took five minutes before comedian Hannibal Buress said something crazy enough for his mic to get cut off Saturday night. A report from Loyola Phoenix claims Buress began his set joking about an email he received from the Loyola University Chicago before his set. The email was about what not to talk or joke about.

Buress continues to say, “‘B****-ass old people, I can project. Y’all f*** kids, right?”

Right then is when music started playing to drown out Buress. He left the stage but was allowed to return 15 minutes later to a standing ovation. He didn’t let it go as he joked about being cut off in his set.

Flip the page for video of Buress right before mic is cut off.